With 6 years of experience in web design and mobile applications, I am able to bring an asset to a company with my skills and professionalism. Indeed, I understand user needs – and those of the customers – but also take into account the constraints related to agency work.

My work is focused on details and user-machine interaction, my capacity for empathy is paramount to the success of my projects. Indeed, I am sensitive, passionate and reserved, but I enjoy working in a team and share my knowledge above all.

In fact in my free time, I create characters and scenes composed by my own desires and moods. I like to let my mind mixing shadows & lights in pieces of art, where I give no limit to imagination.

I’m really in love with user interface design, web technologies, digital illustration, sport & stunning music…

My Skills

  • Web Design / UX

  • Wireframing / Prototyping

  • Digital Illustration / Photo Manipulation

  • Mobile / Tablet / Responsive

  • Print & Corporate Identity

  • Students Supervision

  • Technical Knowledges